The Jungle Gym

Burn off that pent up energy!
Burn off that pent up energy!
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Welcome to the Jungle Gym!

Welcome to the jungle gym, a health and fitness group where you can burn off some of that pent up energy! Whether you're just starting out with the basics or you're someone who works out daily, you are invited to post about nutrition, exercise, activities, and anything else that keeps you strong and healthy.


A few ground rules:

1. Everyone is different, and fitness methods are going to be unique to everyone's situation. Respect others and don't be a jerk.


2. No negative language regarding numbers or appearances. Not about yourself, not about others. Keep it clean, folks.

3. As always, no doxxing.

4. Be aware that this is a fitness community and any views expressed here are not meant to be taken as medical advice or opinion. Please consult with your physician or before beginning any exercise program. If you experience any pain or difficulty, don't rely on us and please consult your healthcare provider.


All that said, comment below to become a member and I will do my best to add everyone!

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